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I grew up in Munich speaking German and American English from an early age on and went to university in Heidelberg (Germany), Seattle, WA, and Albion, MI (USA).

My name is Heidi Stone-Schaller; for some years now, I have settled in Leipzig (Germany) with my small family.

The following is a brief summary of my career:

  • College-level study majoring in political science and journalism at Albion College, Michigan (teaching assistantship)
  • Extended stays in Seattle, USA and Melbourne, Australia for work and study
  • Earned M.A. with distinction from Heidelberg University, Dept. of Translation and Interpretation
  • Full-time free-lance translator since 2001
  • Nov 2004 - April 2010: In-house translating position with a software company, localizing the user interface, the manuals and the online help as well as translating marketing and training material
  • Since May 2010 it’s been back to full-time free-lancing.




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