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I'm a translator, which means I translate the written word. It is this characteristic that distinguishes my profession from that of an interpreter.

That said, I should add that I am a trained liaison interpreter, and as such capable of relaying questions/statements in alternating directions at meetings of two or more people.

Another extra service I offer is certified translation. Legally sworn in each of my language pairs, I am licensed to issue the certification frequently required for official documents. In this case, it is however necessary to provide the original itself rather than just a scan/copy.

For the sake of consistency and efficiency, I use Trados, a CAT tool (computer-aided translation).

My main areas of expertise are the following:

  • Public Relations, web sites, brochures, leaflets
  • Texts promoting cities and regions
  • Software GUI and manuals, online help
  • Medical publications
  • Film, e.g. reports from film festivals; TV and radio
  • Business strategies, economics
  • Contracts, terms and conditions
  • Politics, Social Science
  • Diplomas, CVs, documents

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